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Welcome to Lucy Tupu Studio, a rug and furniture design studio, with locations in both New York and New Zealand.

At the heart of our studio is Lucy's passion for rug design. She has carefully curated a library of collections, each with its own unique story. Whether you're an interior designer, an architect, or a private client seeking to transform your space, we are dedicated to the creative process and work closely with you to bring your project to life.

Check out our New Zealand Studio launch featuring an exhibit with the Max Gimblett Collection.

We are proud partners since 2016 of GoodWeave, an organization dedicated to eradicating child labor in the rug industry.

The Studio


Lucy Tupu is a classically trained Industrial Designer with over 20 years of experience producing bespoke rugs, carpets, furniture and lighting. She has lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.


The New York City-based design studio, Lucy Tupu LLC, was founded in late 2015 and her debut collection was launched in May 2016 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).


Lucy is influenced by her Samoan and New Zealand roots, which epitomize her trademark aesthetic of clean, sophisticated pieces with vibrant, graphic and playful touches that reflect both her cultural heritage and warm, energetic personality.

In addition, Lucy produces a significant amount of bespoke pieces for clients with varying budgets. On every project, she is a design partner first and foremost - drawing on a rich, creative background spanning over two decades. Partnering closely with the client at every phase of the process, Lucy leverages a diverse set of materials and fabrication techniques to realize their unique vision.


Lucy Tupu

Who We've Worked With

A + I

And Two Studios

Annette Jaffe Interiors


Bachman Brown Design

Burley Katon Architects

Carney Logan Burke Architects

Charlotte Dewald Architect

Chatwal Hotel

David Howell Design

De La Torre Design Studio

Design Group Stapleton Elliot

Diana Lamont Interiors

ESI Design

Fernando Rodriguez Studio

Fogarty Finger


Georgis & Mirgorodsky

Ghislaine Viñas

Gramercy Design

Grimshaw Architects


Hudson Home

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Key & Shade

Leong Leong

Lisa Walsh Design

Loczi Design

Merge Architects

Method + Moxie

Michele Bitter Design

MFAT of New Zealand

Molyneux Studio

Museum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa

Neiman Marcus

Pfeffer Torode

Rigg Design NYC

Rottet Studio

Sanchez + Coleman

SPG Architects

Studio ID NY

Tamara Eaton Design


White Webb

WSP Architecture




David Howell

Founder of David Howell Design - DHD

"Lucy’s work is bold and extremely innovative. The body of her work encompasses lighting, upholstered furniture purely sculptural pieces. Her designs are conceptually based and have a strong progressive sensibility. Lucy’s work was selected for the Saatchi and Saatchi / EsseNZe exhibit highlighting the best of New Zealand designs. Her piece “sally” was exhibited center and front amongst all the designs and speaks volumes as the caliber of this young artist. Lucy has a wicked sense of humor that’s reflected in her designs."


Shannon Hoey

Creative Director of New York Vintage

"Lucy is able to quickly hone in on what is important to her clients, from both a conceptual and an aesthetic perspective. She shows careful consideration for your needs and specifications, and is especially patient and flexible with finding the perfect combination of your and her ideas. She made me feel like my project was as important to her as something she was doing for her own home."


Ruth Lande Shuman

Founder + President of Publicolor

"Lucy was a star as a site leader, where students and teachers all adored working with her, and then as my treasured assistant. Lucy shares my passion for industrial design, and has a sophisticated aesthetic sense. On top of all this, Lucy is a pure delight to work with."


Denis Smitka

Lecturer - Industrial Design at Swinburne

"Lucy is a talented designer with an exceptionally good eye. She has a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, and all her work reflects the empathy she has for people.  She is an excellent communicator and can work with everyone.  In fact, not only can she work with diverse groups of people, she is able to bring out the best in them, and does so in a positive, good humoured and supportive manner. Lucy is one of a kind."


Magalie Parksuwan

Vice President Global Marketing - NARS Cosmetics

"We moved to New York a few years ago and asked Lucy to design carpets for our Tribeca apartment. The idea was to use carpets as "space partitions" to create several ambiances in a large open space with an Art Deco design inspiration. Lucy's recommendations were beautiful and right on point - we did not have to think for a long time! We loved the carpets design and color proposal. Lucy has amazing ideas, very strong aesthetic sense and is a fantastic person to work with!"

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