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These rugs were produced for a commercial pantry and reception area located on the sky-high 68th floor of NYC’s iconic Empire State Building. While straightforward in form and design, their production takes on a more bespoke approach – hand-tufted, 100% New Zealand wool with a tip-shear loop pile in the field, contrasted by a cut-pile border.


Multiple Spaces


We custom-designed these rugs to adorn amenity spaces within this massive block-sized building, situated in the heart of New York's Financial District. The geometric patterns overlay these specially-shaped carpets, all made of hand-tufted 100% New Zealand wool for durability.


Amenity Area


Located in the dynamic industrial landscape of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, whose shipyard roots date back to the 19th century, these bold custom rugs were designed to inhabit a rugged space. They are made of 100% Tibetan wool, in a flat-woven texture for high durability, and carry symbolic markings taken from well-known ship hulls built at this site.

Dock 72 - BNY

Dock Lounge


We designed two minimalist rugs and situated them at opposite ends of the grand lobby to mirror one another. Produced in NZ wool and nylon for texture and durability, the rugs are designed with neutral tones, and contrasted by thin lines of gold and a tip-sheared loop pile. This element adds more dimensionality to a deceptively simple design.

Office Building



We produced four large-scale area rugs for this New York office’s co-working, lounge and conference room spaces. The geometric designs follow a repetition which recalls an architectural aesthetic, in a warm and subdued color palette. These rugs not only make a statement, but are made to withstand medium-to-high traffic working environments.

Investment Firm

Multiple Spaces


Located in Jersey City, NJ, our client chose to customize linear-and-grid designed rugs for use in their commercial spaces – a lobby, meeting room and two lounges. All made of 100% NZ wool, five hand-tufted futuristic-looking rugs imbue the spaces with dimensionality and an understated elegance, yet are sturdy enough for heavy foot traffic.

Investment Firm

Multiple Spaces


The studio was excited to work on this commercial, Manhattan reception area – adorned with bold, minimalist artwork. Hand-tufted in NZ wool and nylon, this area rug sports a custom, 3-color grid design and uses a durable loop-pile construction with tip shearing for texture.

Private Equity Firm



Our client chose the Torbay design in 9 tonal blues, to decorate their multi-use office space in downtown Manhattan. Hand-tufted in NZ wool, the large area rug was produced with varying pile heights for an organic, textural surface.

Horizon Media

Office Common


The Time-Life Building, located within historic Rockefeller Center, is home to these large Moa and Waka inset rugs in bespoke, mute-gray tones which are accented with golden highlights in loop pile. They reside in the bustling reception and common areas of this impressive 1950’s high-rise.

Rockefeller Grp HQ

Reception & Common


We customized our Lyall Bay rug in orange with rounded corners for a confidential tech companies wellness space located in their Cambridge, MA office. The tri-color area rug is hand-tufted in NZ wool for durability.  

Tech Company

Wellness Space


The historic Chelsea Market building is now home to two of our bold designs – "Iva" and "Taranaki." The multi-color, geometric patterns are presented on a hand-tufted cut pile of 100% NZ wool. The pieces are sure to withstand the bustling lounge of this world-renown tech company.

Tech Company

Office Lounge


Denver’s Rino Art District is the vibrant home for this creative, mixed-use space. Inside the lobby you’ll find the bold, colorful Wanaka and Clyde rugs from our Duncan Collection. Made from New Zealand wool and nylon, their construction holds up to this high-energy setting.

The Hub



Hudson Yards is the biggest, private real estate development in the U.S... and now home to three of our bespoke inset carpets. Custom-fitted for The Zodiac Room – Neiman Marcus' fine-dining restaurant – these hand-tufted rugs in NZ wool and nylon are subtle accents to this modern Manhattan space.

Neiman Marcus

The Zodiac Room


Situated in the heart of New York’s burgeoning Financial District, also known as FiDi, the lobby of this building is home to our bespoke rug of plain cut-and-loop pile. A New Zealand wool and nylon mix are enhanced by this piece’s custom colors and size.

55 Broad St

Office Lobby


Located in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, we produced three bespoke rugs for this client’s multi-use work space. The flat-woven, Tibetan wool fabrication is perfect for this high-traffic environment.

412 West 15th St

Office Common


The Windy City is home to six custom rugs we designed for this busy office lobby, just blocks from Willis Tower. In plain cut-and-loop pile, these pieces stand up to the heavy traffic in our durable New Zealand wool and nylon mix.

Central Std Building



The Cuba St and Tui Nui designs selected for this Weehawken luxury high-rise, give residents a playful, modern space to socialize. Designed in custom colors, these area rugs are produced in 100% New Zealand wool – durable enough for any space.

RiverHouse 11

Game Room


This luxury hotel, situated in the frenzy of Times Square, is the home of a rug designed specifically for the hustle and bustle of a NYC lobby. Made in a custom size, color and fabrication – 100% New Zealand wool with a low, tight loop pile – this piece marries form with function.

The Chatwal Hotel



Located in this iconic NYC neighborhood, home to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, this office space was fitted with a rug of bespoke design that was modeled after a tennis court. Constructed from 100% Tibetan wool in a flat-woven texture, this piece is certain to endure for decades.

510 Madison Ave

Office Lounge


We started with our Iva design, then tweaked the colors and size to fit perfectly inside this tech giant’s California office. The use of 100% New Zealand wool provides the necessary strength to withstand a common space swarming with highly-caffeinated employees.

Tech Company

Amenity Space


Our Aroha design, crafted in bespoke hues and a custom circular shape, compliments the curved geometry of this downtown Manhattan lobby. Made from a mix of New Zealand wool and nylon, the rug’s construction is certain to withstand the neverending hum of residential traffic.

Tribeca Lobby


Stewart Rodriguez, whose own inspired designs cover a broad of range of residential and commercial settings, chose our Taranaki rug to inhabit their new office space in San Juan. The subtle, bespoke tones of blue and silver make a statement of elegance, which is buttressed by a mix of New Zealand wool and silk.

Stewart Rodriguez




The timeless Chevron pattern chosen for this rug, in bespoke colors and size, fits perfectly within the hotel’s
executive suite. Made of New Zealand wool and nylon, the rug conveys both elegance and strength.


Executive Suite 

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