Tolu / Flat-Woven

This rug is made to order and customizable in yarn, construction, color and size.


Rug Shown:


  • Flat-Woven
  • Tibetan Wool
  • 3 Colors
  • 6'-0" x 9'-0"


Download Tear Sheet


*The close-up rug samples shown here reflect the color, yarn and construction; not intended to show the scale of the design in this rug.

Tolu / Flat-Woven

  • Influenced by the bold symbols and motifs commonly used in Tatau (that’s Samoan for tattoo), this collection uses a combination of thick, felted wool alongside delicate silk – creating a unique contrast and textural finish. Falelima also happens to be the name of Lucy’s family village in Savaii, Samoa!