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Max paints with the mantra ‘all mind no mind’. A mere deep brush and a mark on paper and his work comes together in an instant.


It takes many months to create a hand-knotted rug; this itself gives a new meaning to the artwork, creating a piece that is intrinsically Max yet incorporating an artform that relies on patience and time.

Drawn to Max’s colorful paintings and deep roots in the NZ/NYC art scene, we approached his studio in order to create a collection of rugs inspired by his artwork, namely his lesser-known inks on paper. Our goal was to transform his iconic pieces into textural designs.


Above:  Max and Lucy. Max's works on paper in his studio. Below:  Max's paintings and refined rug designs Circling and Skull Quartet.

Below:  Upright and Midnight Walk designs shown in situ and with silk details.


"Collaborating with Lucy Tupu on custom rugs and carpets has been a real treat for me. She makes everything flow so well and I found that working down flat, in contrast to being upright, is astounding! The element of people walking over and sitting on these objects, as opposed to simply viewing them, is refreshing. What is under our feet is stabilizing and grounding. There's also a civilizing aspect, designating the functions of the various rooms her rugs inhabit. Carpets and wallpaper were the things that lasted and lasted in my childhood homes. I am thrilled Lucy has made some beautiful rugs with my inks of paper, which were inspired by ancient Tantric works. This really comes through."


– Max Gimblett


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