Max paints with the mantra ‘all mind no mind’. A mere deep brush and a mark on paper and his work comes together in an instant.

It takes many months to create a hand-knotted rug; this itself gives a new meaning to the artwork, creating a piece that is intrinsically Max yet incorporating an artform that relies on patience and time.

Drawn to Max’s colorful paintings and deep roots in the NZ/NYC art scene, we approached his studio in order to create a collection of rugs inspired by his artwork, namely his lesser-known inks on paper. Our goal was to transform his iconic pieces into textural designs.

Above:  Max and Lucy. Max's works on paper in his studio. Below:  Max's paintings and refined rug designs Circling and Skull Quartet.

Below:  Upright and Midnight Walk designs shown in situ and with silk details.

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