New Zealand Wool

New Zealand wool is not only the world’s highest grade wool for carpeting, but also a material that is natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.

Wool acts as an air filter that traps allergens, such as dust and pollen. This benefit, along with its non-allergenic fibers, make wool very friendly for those suffering from asthma or allergies.

And because wool can absorb indoor contaminants and harmful gases, it also acts as a natural air purifier. Wool’s fibers help to reduce noise and are even flame resistant up to very high temperatures.

To learn more, please click here to view the Wools of New Zealand site.


The dyes we’ve chosen to give our rugs their color originate from two different sources: natural and synthetic Swiss chrome.


Natural dyes are derived from plants, vegetables and minerals such as indigo leaves, madder root, pomegranate peel and henna leaves. Swiss chrome dyes are AZO-free pigments that are color fast and vibrant. They are used in instances where an exact color needs to be matched.

Local Sourcing

We feel strongly that our Nepalese factories source their wool from local suppliers who are part of the same community of skilled artisans that produce many of our rugs. This fiber is 100% pure Tibetan wool from The Himalayas.


Our hand-knotted and flat-woven rugs are made in a GoodWeave certified factory, which guarantees no children were involved in their production.

Since GoodWeave’s founding, more than 20,000 children have benefited from the organization’s education and rehabilitation programs, including 3,800 directly rescued from the looms.

GoodWeave works with 140+ global licensees, importing certified rugs into 16 consumer countries.

Read more about Lucy's involvement with GoodWeave here.

Photographed by Katha Haru, © GoodWeave

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