Made in Nepal

Tibetan rug making is a long time tradition and ancient Nepalese craft. We are fortunate to have a longstanding relationship with our Nepalese counterpart whose quality is of the highest standard and executed by skilled artisans.


Locally Sourced

To ensure we are not expanding our carbon footprint it is important we support the local community. With the exception of silk which comes from China we source all materials from local Nepalese suppliers.


No Backing or Glues

A key part of being sustainable is to be able to specify each material used in our products. Our rugs are made without glues, latex or backing.


Machine Free

Each stage of the rug making process from sorting to dying of the yarn are performed by hand. Passed down through the generations it is a process that takes time, patience and skill.


Photographed by Katha Haru, © GoodWeave


Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are derived from herbs, plants and vegetables such as madder root, pomegranate peel, safflower, walnut shells and indigo to name a few. Using natural dyes we are able to match any color.  A natural organic gradation appears from the unprocessed quality of the pigment. All types of yarn will absorb dyes in their own unique way, creating natural color variations across each dye lot.


GoodWeave Certified

As a partner of GoodWeave we are ensuring children are protected and not forced to labor. We also help provide better working conditions and support educational programs with local schools. Each order we receive they have a GoodWeave label that has a unique code which can trace back to the licensed producer.  


Lucy Tupu Studio is a proud partner of GoodWeave

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