New Collection: Family Jewels

Meet the Family!

Keeping it in the family (literally), the first two designs of this collection are named after Lucy’s mum, Beryl, and her dearest Great Auntie, Edna. Hand-tufted in delicate silk and fine New Zealand wool the rugs act as a sweet reminder of the stylish era in which Beryl and Edna grew up.

New Project:


Denver’s Rino Art District is the vibrant home for this creative, mixed-use space. Inside the lobby you’ll find the bold, colorful Wanaka and Clyde rugs from our Duncan Collection. Made from New Zealand wool and nylon, their construction holds up to this high-energy setting.

The Hub


Featured Collections:

Influenced by the bold symbols and motifs commonly used in Tatau, this collection uses a combination of thick, felted wool alongside delicate silk – creating a unique contrast and textural finish.

Resembling the look of vintage needlepoint, the youthful themes reflect the collection’s name which means children in the Maori language of indigenous New Zealanders.

Recent Projects:


Hudson Yards is the biggest, private real estate development in the U.S... and now home to three of our bespoke inset carpets. Custom-fitted for The Zodiac Room – Neiman Marcus' fine-dining restaurant – these hand-tufted rugs in NZ wool and nylon are subtle accents to this modern Manhattan space.

Neiman Marcus

The Zodiac Room


We’re no mathematicians, but this equation was a no-brainer for our studio: Seating + Pop of Color = Tupu Flax Cube². Shown in our standard colors, the cotton-velvet fabric ensures these pieces are super-comfy additions to our client’s Manhattan home. If only all math were that simple.

Soho Apt

Flax Cubes


Located in this harborside Manhattan neighborhood, our client chose the Aroha rug in New Zealand wool and nylon – with different pile heights to create more movement and highlights. To make the alcove extra cozy, we designed the rug in a custom shape and tone.

Battery Park

Seating Nook